Friday, 23 June 2017

WaterIiview tunnel opens

Where:West Auckland

When:Last Sunday 18th of June it was ment to
open on Easter but didn't and people are allowed to drive through it in July. 

Who:The priminster bill English and workers and people.

How:workers made 

Why:It is for cars to get through and enjoy. 

waterview tunnel detour map may 2017What:On Sunday tens thousands of people turned up to the opening of the new water view tunnel in Auckland.The tunnel is 2.4 km and was made with $l.4 billion.The speed limit through the tunnel is 80kmh. 42,00 people walked through the tunnel as well as bikers and they all had to book in.It was meant to open in Easter but it didn't because of the tunnels jet fan and water extraction pump it did not open but people are aloud to drive through the tunnel in early June.Transport minister Simon bridge said "that the tunnel was the biggest change to Auckland traffic flows since the  opening of the harbour bridge".Also even through no cars are aloud through the tunnel priminister bill English was aloud to drive through the tunnel.(not fair)(well it is fear because he is the priminister)(but still not fair).When bill English gave his speech at the opening he thanked the workers.  
Image result for Water view tunnel crowd
My opinion:I think they did a good job on it and i would really like to go through it.

I wonder:I wounder if  there will be a traffic incident when  it opens because every one in Auckland will want to go through it and with the speed of 80.

Link:click tunnel to see a video from kiwi kids news (the video is probably taken by a drone). 

Link:Click tunnel to see a video from news hub.

Glossary:Transport minister:They are a people that are responsible for transportaion. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Man jailed for face book posts

When:9th of june not last friday but the friday before

Who:A 35 year old Thai man called wichai and Bangkok military court 
and face book owners and police.

Where:Thailand at the bankok military court.

Why:Because of making insulting face book posts

What:A Thai man called wichai was arrested and is 
going to got jail for 35 years because of  face book posts,
that were insulting the royal family.In thai land the law is that 
people are not a loud to write comments about rich people.
The court punished him 7 years for each thing he did wrong it added up to 70 but the court put it down half because he confessed
about the crime he did,and the reporter were barred from the military court.

My opinion:I don't now why people do all these bad things it is just wrong.

I wonder:I wonder why he did insulting posts and why he did it to the royal family.

Barred:They were not a loud to go in
Confessed:said he did it,amitited it.

Monday, 12 June 2017

life saving equipment stolen from nelson coast guard boat

Image result for nelson coast guard
Where:Nelson marina, Nelson

When:Last Tuesday night and Saturday morning

Image result for nelson coast guardon 10th of June and 6th of June and the 
robber stole when there was training sessions. 

Who:Burglar and coast guard of nelson

What:A burglar stool from the nelson coast guard.The robbers broke a padlock on the boat and stole thousands of dollars worth of gear.They stole a lot of expensive stuff.The robber stole night vision googlies,

2 high powered spot lights,flares,a marine VHF radios and a locate beacon.They had insurance that acted quickly but the coast guard stool has to pay $2000 so they are going to do some fun raisers to get the money to replace the gear the robber stole from one of the nelson coast guard.The boat was moored in the nelson marina away from it's usual spot at the rescue centre at the Wakefield quay (which is not the Wakefield close to us).

My opinion:I fell sorry for them because they have to raise 2000$ to replace their equipment and i don't think they should have to pay just because they did not pay enough for the insurance because it is not there falt they got robbed,also the rescue boat might of been safer where it normally goes and it would of been bad if there was a emergency and that stuff was stolen.

I wonder:I wonder why the robber stole the coast guards gear,I wonder when the police are going to catch the burglar
 and i wounder what the robber needed the equipment for,I wonder where the robber and the gear is now.


Locater beaken: are tracking transmitters which aid in the detection and location of boats, aircraft, and people in distress.

Moored: attach it by cable or rope to the shore or to an anchorlar.
I wounder if they are going to put security cameras around the

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

New Toilet rule for freedom campers

When:It is going to start next year

Image result for campers

and department of  conversation.

What:People are now going to make people that want to stay at restricted areas provided by the department of conversation have to have a toilet in it.Also it has to fit when the bed is made and it is all the people who want to certify there vehicle as self-contained.Many district councils already only allow self-contained vehicles but next year it is going to be all the restricted areas.

My opinion:I do not think that is that fear on the vans that people use because how are they meant to fit a toilet in a van and it might be for more money because some places you have to pay to dump it and to by a toilet it costs a lot and i know a lot about campers because i have one that is why i chose this article,and it is weird how people thought it was funny because next to the article it was really high on funny.

I wounder:I wounder why they are doing this and i think the restricted areas will not get much people coming because how is a van meant to get a toilet in it with a big bed and other stuff in there.

Sorse:Kiwi kids news

Glossary:Self-contained:means:It has got everything in it. 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Kid flies off new water slide

When:On Monday the 29th of may 90 minutes or a hour and a half after the water park opened.   

Who:A 1o year old boy.
Image result for Boy flies off brand new waterslide


How:some how he fell off.

What:A ten year old boy went down a water slide 
The three story emerald plunge slide and near the end he fell off and standed up Quickly only having scratches.The accident made 6 water slides closed on it's first day of being open.It was on video and caught him on the end of the slide on the edge on his back then falling on the concret.   

Link:click Waterslide to see a video.

My opinion:I fell sorry for him because that must of hurt his back sliding on the edge and he is lucky he only got scratches because it could of been a lot worse and they must of lost a lot of customers because of an injury in the first day of being open.

I wonder:How he only got scratches and how come the water park got a injury on it's first day of being open,and i wounder if they must of lost some of there customers because of an injury in the first 90 minutes or hour and a half,and i wounder what caused it.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Truck crash

Image result for EFTPOS outages in Marlborough after truck crash
Image result for EFTPOS outages in Marlborough after truck crashWhen:21st of May
2017 on Sunday at
5.45 am.


in the Wairau valley                                    
at the Wye river 
bridge,50km north
of Renwick.

Who:A truck driver.

How:The driver accidentally

drove into the bridge.

What:A truck driver crashed into a one lane bridge causing banking and EFTPOS not to work.The crash made the main  alternative  road to pickton be closed but are letting motorcyclist pass.The engine was sent over the edge into the river when the truck crashed.The driver was left in he squashed cab but manged to get out with moderate injuries.

My opinion: That truck driver was really lucky

to be alive and it looks like the truck just fits in the bridge,and you would have to be good at driving a truck because one turn going through that bridge would end up like this truck,and i think the driver did a sudden movement on the control causing it to crash.

Link:click Truck  to see a video

I wonder:I wonder if the truck driver was not looking and crashed or something else happened or he was talking on the phone and crashed, i wonder what happened and what it had in it.


Moderate injuries:Medium and not extreme.
Alternative:A possible remaining course or choice.

Image result for EFTPOS outages in Marlborough after truck crash


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Beach repairs it self

Image result for Close Irish beach reappears overnight May 10, 2017Where:In a remote island 
off the west coast of Ireland
in Dooagh.

When:Posted May 10th,2017
and the first change was in 1984 
and the second change was 2017
on easter.

How:A freak tide made the sand
just apeared. 

What:More than 30 years ago 
 in 1984 a Irish beach got it's
sand taken out some how leaving it 
as a rocky beach,then a freak tide at easter 
some how made the beach from rocky to 
300m stretch of nice golden sand back.
Image result for Dooagh, north-west Ireland map
My opinion:I think it's good because going swimming 
on a rocky beach is ouchy with out shoes and you can make sand castles and holes in sand but you can't on rock but it is fun to collect crags,and it is weird how change it chaned and changed again.

I wonder:I wonder how it changed by itself,and i wonder how it changed in the first place.

Link:Click Beach to see a video.

WaterIiview tunnel opens

Where: West  Auckland When: Last Sunday 18th of June it was ment to open on Easter but didn't and people are allowed to drive thro...