Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Potato chips

You now that current event that i just shared and you now how they had a problem or something abut no chips and it's because of the potato shortage well that isn't true it was just a ordering error.

My opinion:i now your thinking why would i do my current on some thing that wasn't true but but it seemed weird when i had already done my current event and then my mum saw that my current was wrong anyway i think they should get all the facts before they put it in a article and i hope they get more potatoes.
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potato shortage effects potato chips

Where:New zealand

Who:New zelanders

When:Posted 16th of october 2017

Why:Because of all the rain we have had

What:Thanks to the wet weather we have had,has effected potatoes growing and potatoes make potatos,and potatos is apart of potato chips so potato chips have been short.New world,four squares and pak'n save are haveing trouble from there suppliers and pakinsave put a sign up warning custorms they are having trouble suppling potato chips.

My opinion:That's really bad and i hope they get those potato chips back.i wonder when they will get more potato chips.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The nz election

Where:New Zealand

When:You could vote all the way until

Saturday 23rd of September.

How:people could vote

Who:New zealand people and 
here is the big long list of groups of people 
you could vote for

*natinol party
*ACt new zealand 
*Labour party
*NZ first
Image result for election*The Opportunities Party
*nternet Party
*Democrats for Social Credit
*New Zealand People's Party
*NZ Outdoors Party
* United Future
*Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
*United Future

What:Well if didn't know new zealand had an election it was 

out of
all of the party's i just said see look at that huge list but only 0ne  
group can be elected to be up in Parliament, 
and that was...dun dun a dun dun natiiel but they are a bit short on 
seats as they have 58 but they should have 121,
according to the article the true group to get elected is chosen on 
satturday 7 October at 2pm.The labour party which is under national
led by Jacinda Ardern took 45 seats then under that was nz first runed by winsten peters,then green,then Act.


parlament:a group of people who run the country.The goverment.

My opinion:i don't really care who looks after the country 

just they need to look after it and make New zealand an even 
better place.

I wonder:I wonder if national will end up in parlwement,

If national doesn't win i wonder who will win.I wonder
what national will do if they win.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Fire destroys ANZAC battlefield in Gallipoli

When:Posted 19th September 2017

How:The fire started by sparks off a welding machine.

What:A forest fire has started in Gallpoil on the Anzac battlefield
Caused by sparks from a welding machine.
Two helicopters were called in with monsoon buckets,two amphibians and and fire crews on the ground and after a few 
hours they got control of it.Gallipoil Is meant to be the thing we think about each year because we sent a lot of people over there and sadly 2779 kiwis died


Monsoon bucket:a big water bucket for fires that opens up.

My opinion:That is sad that the battle field got ruined and that is sad of how much people dided.

I wonder:I wonder how much of the battlefield it burnt,

I wonder how big the fire was and how much forest it burnt.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

New Zealand gets hit by lightning strikes

When:8th and 9th of September 2017

Where:New Zealand

Who:New zealanders

What:Did you now that on Friday and Saturday in New Zealand yes New zealand was hit by 2200 lightning strikes.The 2200 lightning strikes went off from 6.15pm Friday to 7.20pm Saturday,which is basically 24 hours.As well as lightning strikes Auckland has been hit 9 times,the bay of plenty was hit 20 times and the West coast was hit 163 times,and even on Sunday Auckland was having thunder and lightning.

My opinion:I hope that no one got hurt from the lightning strikes.

I wonder:I wonder why the lightning strikes were in New zealand.I wonder if some hit near nelson wait wait wait i can answer that my mums work mates said they saw some lightning strikes on there way to work on Friday morning.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

                 Los angeles biggest fire

Where:Los angels

Who:Los angels citizens and more than thousand 
fire fighters. 
Image result for Los angeles biggest fire

When:Posted 4th of September 2017

How:fire fighters are trying to 
fight it off using helicopters
and more.
Image result for Los angeles biggest fire
What:There has been a massive wild fire in los angels which is named the la tuna fire named after th canon area.A heap of fire fighters are trying to fight it but it's a bit big.Over 1400 people have had to evacuate from the fire but 90% were allowed to retun on sunday.They have had wind which doesn't help.There has been a bit of rain that has been helping.The fire was the biggest one in los angeles.It has spread across 2400 hectares and it

My opinion:That is a really bad wild fire and i hope they can put it out and i hope the pople have got insurance on there house.

I wonder:I wonder how it started i wonder when it will go out i wonder when it started. 

Potato chips

You now that current event that i just shared and you now how they had a problem or something abut no chips and it's because of the pota...