Tuesday, 15 August 2017

There is to much sugar in things

Where:New zealand

Who:Kiwi's and professor mike Berridge  and health organisation.

How:people are just adding more sugar to processed food.

What:people found out that there has been
a lot of sugar added to stuff.New zealander's eat
about 37 teaspoons of added sugar per day and
six teaspoons is the recommended amount. Did you no that 
100ml of yogurt has the same amount of sugar as coca cola,
and that sugar is in manly every processed food.


Processed:food that you have made like a cake.

My opinion:I think they should take out most of the sugar in processed food

and the people who had the idea to put more sugar in food need to think why.

I wonder:I wonder why they put more sugar in processed food and i wonder who had the idea of putting more sugar in food.

Monday, 7 August 2017

current events


    Man arrested for stealing two lamp posts

When:Posted 4 August

Image result for Man arrested for driving with two stolen lamp posts on car
Who:A Dutch man and police

Where:The man was driving with the poles from Almere to Lelystad .

How:The man had it on the top of his car.

What:A Dutch man was arrested for stealing 2 lamp posts and was driving them from Almere to Lelystad but got caught.He was arrested for stealing the lamp 
 posts, and the man had been having alcohol and refused to take a breathalyzer
  and didn't pay when he was fulling up his car.The mans car is not 
 insured and was not warranted in 3 months.

Insurance:insurance is money that you pay to a company so that you can get payed  out for something that gets broken or damaged on the item that you have insured.

My opinion:That man deserved to be arrested because he is  a bad man all right and was not a good idea to steal such big things.

I wonder: I wonder why the man stole the lamp posts,i wonder how he didn't end up hitting anyone's car with those poles and i wonder if the man will change his  ways after jail or will just go back to being bad.


Monday, 31 July 2017

current events

Image result for massive shark jumps onto boat

           Massive shark jumps onto a boat

When:July 6 2017

Who:Passengers on a charter boat and a mako shark

Where:Near long island and off the coast of New york state.

How:It just jumped up.

What:A massive mako shark jumped onto a charter boat scaring the passengers.
It got stuck in the rails at the front of a charter boat.,law said"the shark had some blood in his mouth because he lost some teeth chomping on the metal rails."Law and his crew (law is the captions name) eventually freed the shark by cutting some ropes it had around it's tail so it could go back into the water.

My opinion:i would have got a totally shock if i was there because the shark just jumped really fast up, but i do fell sorry for the shark because it would of hurt losing some teeth.I'm guessing the shark was trying to eat one of the people on board,and why would the people just leave the shark there for a while then do it they should of helped it straight away not just leaveing it to suffer there for a while.

I wonder:I wonder if the shark jumped over the rails or under them.I wonder if the shark was planning on eating one of the passangers because the shark needs to work on jumping on the boat with out getting stuck.


charter boat:It is a boat that you can hire to fish on. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Logging crew get interviewed

Image result for women take the cut in forestry stuffWhere:Top of Kerr's  hill,nelson

Who:Veronica hall,Tania Buschl,Karla Te tau,stuff and nelson mail.

When:The 7th of July

Why:To show people that women can do as much as men

What:At a logging sight on Kerr's hill got interviewed
by the the nelson mail and stuff
on the women's that worked as a logger to show how 
women can do as much as men.They interviewed

Image result for women take the cut in forestry stuff*Tania Buschl a logging truck drriver who does night shifts 
11.30 to l.30am.

*Veronica hall (my mum)a bell driver/digger driver/uses a chainsaw and other machines..

*Karla Te tau uses a chainsaw or operates a machine.

All of them love there job and so do the men in their logging crew
epecally how my mum makes them a cake on Mondays,and they girls are as good as men.

Source:Nelson mail,and stuff 

Bell:A 3 wheeled machine that stack logs.
Operates:uses it and works on it.

My opinion:It's good that women do jobs that are mostly ment for men and love it.Also i no this is not relly a current event but my mum was on stuff so i wanted to.

I wonder:I wonder how much girl loggers do all around nelson.


There is to much sugar in things

Where :New zealand Who: Kiwi's and professor mike Berridge   and health organisation. How :people are just adding more sugar to p...