Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Current events

185 hecdares damaged bye crop spray
Where:Hawks bay and nelson
When:Posted 3r.d of November 2017
Who:The crop spray people and owners
How:They sprayed the the apples
Why:The spray called Mancozeb which they found out contained a thing called Azoxystrobin a damaging crop fungicide.
Image result for apples news hub 185 hectaresWhat:In nelson and hawkes bay,a spray called Mancozeb
which they spray on apples has found to be damaging the apples.It has damaged 185 hectares of apple crops.The spray is used by around 20 people and has been selling for 10 years.It was discovered to have Azoxystrobin 
ant of the apples but not the fruit itself and so the apple is ok to eat.There has never been
an issue with the spray.
My opinion:I hope the spray doen't cause any more damage,and i'm glad it didn't effect the fruit.
I wonder:I wonder how azoxystobin got into the spray,I wonder if the people who use the spray won't use it any more.I wonder why it doesn't effect the fruit and i wonder why it's called Azoxystobin.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

World food day

When:16th October 2017
Who:people around the world
Where:Around the world
Why:To stop peoples hunger
What:On the 16th of october people around the world 
did the world food day.World food day is when people come together and try to figure out a way from going hungry.
11.3% of the world is hungry,and almost 1 in about 15 children
dies before the age of 5 because of hunger. 
My opinion:That very bad and i feel sorry for the people who are always hungry.I wonder if the % of the world hunger is going to increase or lower.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Makos in the finals

When:They played taraniki on Sunday
Who:The makos
What:The Tasman makos played at New Plymouth's Yarrow Stadium on Sunday and won against them  41-29 in the semifinals.Next Saturday they are playing Canterbury in the finals in  Christchurch.
My opinion:I think it's good that they've made it so far and i hope they win the finals.
I wonder:I wonder if they will win playing Canterbury .
The Makos celebrate their thrilling win over Taranaki that puts them into the national rugby premiership final against ...

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Potato chips

You now that current event that i just shared and you now how they had a problem or something abut no chips and it's because of the potato shortage well that isn't true it was just a ordering error.

My opinion:i now your thinking why would i do my current on some thing that wasn't true but but it seemed weird when i had already done my current event and then my mum saw that my current was wrong anyway i think they should get all the facts before they put it in a article and i hope they get more potatoes.
Image result for pak n save potato chips sign

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